Steps Toward Developing A Content Strategy

Content has emerged as a key ingredient for your marketing efforts.   As part of the continuing process of creating quality leads, you can create the digital dialog for the company’s prospective customers.

A very simple three-point strategy to help your company involves these critical steps:

  • Mapping content to specific buyer stages; (marketing)
  • Creating assets that feed nurturing campaigns; (marketing)
  • Measuring the success of content campaigns.

Content assets like web content, corporate sponsor presentations, case studies, etc., are beneficial to engaging with prospective customers.

Early stage content should start a conversation and address business issues and later stage content should be more product specific and focus on purchasing concerns – whatever that may be.

From a marketing perspective, it’s beneficial to track followers, influencers and those who engage with your company.  Inquiries generated by an offer and evaluating how many raw leads are driven by different pieces of content will provide an indication of which topics are resonating with your prospects.

The analytics will determine web traffic to determine the topics that are driving the most clicks and longest stays on your site.

Analytics can evaluate the rate of conversion as it relates to top of the funnel leads, from inquiry to qualified lead and opportunity and which content is drawing the “right” audience.

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In conclusion,  your content strategy is identifying the gaps that exist.

  • Start by determining the core target audience – counselors.
  • Identify gaps in the current menu of assets to determine the buyer phases where Maia Learning is light on content and build plans with Phil to create new assets.
  • Develop content offers that address the unique needs of prospects at different stages of the buying cycle.